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Finding a Psychologist With Expertise

in the treatment PTSD



Choosing a Therapist

While for some life problems and even psychological conditions, talking over your problems with a supportive person can assist in resolving problems, this is not always the case with PTSD. In fact in some cases, symptoms of PTSD can be exacerbated by some supportive counselling approaches.

With PTSD, more than many other psychological conditions, it is advisable to seek a therapist with significant training with evidence-based trauma treatment approaches. Many generalist counsellors will not have sufficient training in PTSD treatment to be able to deliver the most effective treatments.

Most Clinical Psychologists have completed a postgraduate masters degree or doctorate in Clinical Psychology which includes training in evidence based treatments for PTSD and other trauma-related conditions.

Many generalist psychologists, and other psychologist specialists such as Forensic Psychologists, also have had some specific post-graduate training and experience in the treatment of PTSD.

If you are referred under Medicare you will usually receive a significantly higher rebate for consultations with a Clinical Psychologist than with a generalist psychologist. Although Clinical Psychologist fees are also usually significantly higher the generalist psychologists and other psychology specialists.

Not all psychologists are registered with all service providers (eg. Veterans Affairs, Victims of Crime) so if you are seeking treatment through any of these schemes you should clarify payment matters with your treating psychologist up-front.

For more details on Medicare and other services and resources for funding therapy, go to our page on Treatment Costs.

Some psychiatrists provide psychological therapy, but in many cases their principal role is to provide expert advice on medication treatments. Psychiatrists have a degree in medicine as well as postgraduate training in the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders. (Medicare rebates usually apply but few bulk bill).

Some General Medical Practitioners (GPs), Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, and Nurses have additional postgraduate training in the training of mental health conditions such as PTSD. (Medicare rebates may apply).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page and this site describes general information about PTSD which may not apply to your situation. Information should NOT be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes. You should consult a GP, Clinical Psychologist, or other mental health professional for advice on your symptoms and the most appropriate treatment(s).