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PTSD Symptoms: Intrusion

It is important to note that many people experience some of the following symptoms and find they subsequently resolve over the days following the traumatic event, without the need of consulting a mental health professional. However if symptoms are severe, interfere with work or other activities, or persist, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. For more information on PTSD therapists / psychologists click here.

Re-experiencing Symptoms of PTSD

Re-experiencing” PTSD symptoms are also sometimes called intrusion symptoms because they involve memories of the trauma, or associated feelings, thoughts, or sensory experiences, breaking into a PTSD sufferers present experience. Some re-experiencing symptoms include:

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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER SYMPTOMS: This section discusses general information about PTSD symptoms. It describes symptoms which occur in some people with PTSD. It should NOT be used for diagnosis. Whether you feel you have, or do not have, the following Post traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms does not in itself imply you either do or don't have Post traumatic Stress Disorder. If you feel you may be suffering from symptoms of Post traumatic Stress Disorder you should consult a GP, Clinical Psychologist, or other mental health professional for advice on whether your symptoms are indicative of PTSD.

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Post traumatic Stress Disorder SymptomsPTSD Re-experiencing / Intrusion SymptomsPTSD Avoidance & Emotional Numbing