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ARMED ROBBERY and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Despite the fact that it is rare for victims of armed robbery to be physically harmed, events like this can have a marked psychological impact on the victim. The real issue as far as the psychological impact of an armed robbery is concerned, is the perception of threat, not how great the risk of harm is in reality.

For example, a bank teller may be robbed by someone armed with a gun. Even though the bank teller is later advised by police that the gun was a toy gun, and posed no physical threat, her trauma reaction continues because at the time of the robbery she thought she may die.

When people experience a robbery where they feel threatened, where the event is unexpected, and during which they feel they have no control at the time of the incident. Robberies where there is a threat made with a gun can have a particularly big emotional response. This may be because people fear that they might be harmed “in a split second”.

Psychological therapy for armed robbery can be very effective in many cases.

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